its so much bigger than it looks. like the scale is so whack that they seem slender, but really they are pretty thick. they are also the um, i am not sure of the whole actual construction terms, but where its like, latticed rebar with poured long set concrete over it. the real key is that in earthquakes you want it to semiflex, because if it is too rigid it will shudder apart. also they are pretty close together here, though I have no idea of real measurements since this is before the actual suspension part starts.
walnut creek is almost like living in the sunset or marin or alaska for a social life! HOW DO YOU MANAGE?
yes my friend did that with going back to florida. unfortunately he did not consult me upon return and moved to the richmond. CRITICAL SOCIAL ERROR!
dunno if any of you give a shit, and it's been a while since i've seen the plans so they might be different now, but from what i understand those particular flimsy-looking reinforced-concrete supports are for a temporary deck that will act as a detour for traffic so that they can connect the new suspension span to the tunnel roadway with minimal disruption to traffic. . . i mean yeah, they have to support a deck and be earthquake proof, but they're just temporary and not meant to last years and years. . .

you can kind of see the permanent concrete supports (i.e., the supports for the deck coming off of the suspension span) in the background in the lower left section of the photo. ..
oh my friend the welder/rockclimber in oakland is dying for a job up there
has to join the union first
if he can weld he should sign up at the hall as an apprentice! welders are always needed. local #377 is the ironworkers union. i think its normally 2yrs as an apprentice, then journeyman after that. even apprentices make decent wages too.