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white people scale golden gate bridge to support oppressive castebased theocracy

I hope they fall off. Fuck Tibet.

Seriously? There are people starving in San Francisco. Maybe you could do some real good, but oh wait, then where would you get attention for being first on the bandwagon of the cause de jour?

nullcherri: don't worry about iraq
nullcherri: or
nullcherri: darfur
nullcherri: or
nullcherri: fucking ethiopia
nullcherri: or any of that
nullcherri: things that are directly our problem
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I know Im watching that shit too.

I just don't think that China should host the Olympics, personally. Too much BAAAAAAAAAAAD. I do feel for their cause, but its only the tip of the iceburg, I wanna see these fools scale the bridge for the homeless, for the kids who have SHIT in school, and for lower taxes ! hah, what is the deal with Tibet? I need to learn more.

Those guys are a dumbasses, seriously.
its a trigger issue for me because its such a white persons cause de jour. Like you didn't hear dick about tibet until this year when suddenly we need to FREE IT NOW BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE DYING! what? people are dying in darfur. People are dying HERE in the united states.

The short story is: Tibet was an oppressive theocracy (ruled only by the priest class who owned like 90% of the country which was worked by a serf class that lived in abject poverty) until the 50s when the Chinese took over. The Chinese are dealing with their scaling issues and just don't give a fuck, they are brutally repressive to anyone who speaks out. But because the Buddhists are so "nice" and "peace-loving" (harm none apparently doesn't care over to exploiting an entire countries worth of people who live without basic sanitation or nutrition so you can eat off golden plates) we need to DO SOMETHING NOW, etc etc. These people never say ANYTHING about the rest of the Chinese, only Tibet. Nevermind any countries where real starvation and poverty is going on (see: Africa, South America, parts of the former Russian Bloc) Free Tibet looks so nice on a bumper sticker.
haha shit.

I know I was watching that fool from Marin on the bridge with his expensive ass climbing shoes, that your average Marin'ite. Yuppy self righteous and all over the "cause of the day", do you think those fools will open their wallets and donate to the shelters or anything else. Hell no.

We have starving people here in OUR country, and homelessness and oppression by the rich. Not to mention, HEALTHCARE!


Maybe these fools will end up sharkbait..
dude marin has a HUGE homeless population that goes unchecked because they don't appear as typical homeless. My mother in law worked for years in non-profits up there that helped homeless mothers and children. It's terrible.

But God knows the way to get people to support your cause is to massively ruin their day.
Try getting people interested in the homeless and the "motel people" in Orange County. That's a real hoot. Every "Christian Charity" sending money to Sudan and we have folks dying of malnutrition five blocks from Disneyland. PTUI.
I couldn't agree less with respect to China hosting the Olympics.

The Olympics are one of the few things in the world where politics, race, creed, and so on aren't supposed to matter. It's a gathering of the world's athletes competing (ideally) for no particular gain.
Whatever, it's a spectacle.

If SF is good for one thing, it's a spectacle. Even if the perpetrator is someone from Marin who is bespectacled. I can't wait for the ruckus on Wednesday when the torch comes through town. I can feel the entropy building already...
How exactly are Ethiopia or Darfur "things that are directly our problem"?
down with zionism
when you fund both sides of a war, you are culpable. free palestine!
God. Duh. There is a clear solution to this problem. It was solved in 1986. WTF!

the whole china/tibet thing is basically a way for people to armchair politik themselves into a religious fervor whilst remaining nice and happy in their intranetted tubed 1st world luxuries.

Ah well. what else is new. I guess we can talk about abortion or global warming or the depression of teenage youth or something else.

welcome to Politik Couture. I suppose I should update my Facebook to say Politics: Free Tibet in order to get more chix digitz.

on the other hand, don't you just want to slap china in the face with your penis? i know i do.