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SFPD Trolls Tibet Protestors. I Can Has Torch? My favorite part (and this is SUCH a good representation of white trustafarians in SF, they are all antiracism and sexism when it will get them laid after the protest, but once it really impacts them suddenly it's 'Honey, did you see that suspicious mexican man that moved in across the streets?'):

Police said no arrests had occurred and that clashes related to the protests had been minor. But at least one person was detained in front of the ballpark this morning, and a few hours later, a confrontation between the two sides escalated to a physical violence, when a San Francisco man named Kevin Johnson, 48, walked into a crowd of torch supporters and began yelling, "Communists!"

The crowd encircled Johnson and the confrontation escalated when Johnson pulled a Chinese flag off a man's backpack. Then, someone grabbed Johnson's throat and another person punched him in the face before police intervened and walked him to safety.

"I know it sounds racist, but if they want the Olympics in China they should go back to China," he said.
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Do we actually know this 48 year old is a trustafarian or are you just projecting that onto this guy.
i am pretty sure he is a typical white kid who hasnt done his research. cuz you know, oppressive serf-based theocratic monarchies are totally better than oppressive fake communism.
And you get that from him being 48 (not a kid by any stretch of the imagination) and the anti-Communist quotes you posted?
no, i get that he is racist from that quote i posted. and i am using kid to be derogatory. i call everyone who i don't respect kid. it means grow up.

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Sure, I see the racist comment, I just don't see how he is a "typical white kid" and "white trustafarian" who hasn't done any research. I get that you don't approve of young white protesters, but I don't really see how he fits into your stereotype from what you've posted.
no i was saying his quote was applicable to the attitude that they have. i can't tell you how many times i have had young white activists in the bay area tell me incredibly racist shit about mexicans without realizing that I was mexican. And the fact that they expected me to join in and collaborate as if it was totally ok always astounded me. The activist culture in SF parades itself as being all inclusive of race or sexual pref/gender, but really it is as closed down, racist, sexist, and classist as any right wing corporation.
i really am half mexican. i got the lucky roll of the genetic dice which is recessive spanish red hair, and the lighter complexion that accompanies it. but if you look at my cousins they are all super darkie, and zoe has a definite dusky golden tint to her skin despite being only 1/4 latina.
hah "the lucky roll" You are a white mexiCAN. My boyfriends Mexican, his father is blonde/blue eyed, Robert is white white, he burns in the sun and has green eyes. I'm only 1/4 Mexxie. I think everyone here is part, or at least had some Mexican in them at some point. :P
yeah if you are for real cityborn you are at least 1/8 mexican or lying.
I hate communism. Seriously. Which is why I don't want it in the US. And am not a liberal. There are many things that I do because of my dislike of communism. So... yeah. THERE!
i also hate communism. it is such a crock. just because you don't like that human nature is a factor doesn't mean you can just not account for it in the game plan.
Then maybe it's time to see some of SF that isn't just the logo of Ritual Roasters or the structure of Rainbow Grocery.
dude my family is mexican from the mission. you can't NOT see it when they are busy gentrifying and forcing out the native population, aka me.
i would say sf is the model for pretend communism for a select view. at least that is their viewpoint of how sf works. like it is what they think communism looks like, and they think it would scale to any size/situation. these people usually have never actually studied what communism entails beyond reading the karl marx cliffnotes online, and they often have no real political, government, or civil engineering grounding.
This is hilarious but I'm not sure it makes me less of an angry person.
gawd.. SF is all transplants, I'm so glad I don't live there despite being born and raised .. what a shame.

This whole shit has been "gay beyond gay" to say it in real SF BayArea style. haha


I'm so glad I don't give a crap about this... Newsome cares about cute booty, period. All else.. *shrug*
Oh here we go .. "San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly was one of the protesters in the street, holding a 40-foot sign that read, "San Francisco says: No torch in Tibet." Daly wrote legislation passed last week by the Board of Supervisors that was critical of the Chinese government and called on local officials to receive the torch with "alarm and protest."

translation: Chris Daly will be the next Mayor of SF.

Everyone has an agenda..
you forgot that to white suburban people the only people that can have race crimes committed against them are black or jewish. none of them care at all about mexicans, they are all about the manufactured bullshit dessent that their faggot parents pay for them to buy. also i am lollin at that guy going INTO the crowd and provoking them and not expecting anything to happen, hes lucky he didnt get lynched.