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From the desk of rfjason:


It's finally happened. I'm finally being sued for The Craigslist Experiment of September 2006. Specifically, the contents of my post here.

This is the opportunity we've been waiting for: to finally smack down a ridiculous case and generate a whole new series of lulz. But I can't do this alone. I need your help.

Donate to the RFJason Legal Fund. Click Here.

A Legal Team has already been assembled, but costs are rising dramatically, especially with the unique circumstances of this case. If you liked the lulz before, and you want to see all new lulz in action, now is your chance.

Another great way to help is to post this donation link in your own blog or website:

Your fealty is greatly appreciated in this matter. Future updates will be posted to
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So I hear y'all got ripped off and he fled the country. Care to comment?
lol you believe stuff you read on the interent. rfjason is alive and well and jameth saw him last night dumbass.
His donations were fraud
Fortuny decided to represent himself, then didn't file the paperwork, so they filed a default judgment against him.

Fortuny scammed all of you.