Given the same amount of time, my cat would have destroyed the theremin
yeah same. then grep would have eaten the pieces. then she would have beaten me up just for playing something annoying.
hahah, man, too bad it didn't show more of the other cat, it was totally hilarious in a horrifying way!
I'm disappointed at how poorly the cat plays. Honestly, if you're gonna put yourself out there on the internet, at least keep good rhythm.
Certainly a better musician, but I am just not seeing the passion that I would expect from a cat that age. Maybe he's just grown board of the classics? Would it kill his teacher to let him play a little Scissor Sisters?
yes. this dog has a lot of passion but sometimes i think it might be because he is humping the guitar:

hah I spit my coffee DAMYU

Cats are hella funny, the other cat is like what the fuck ?