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Thank god eco-liberals came up with the miracle of biofuels to save us from the oil crisis. This on-going worldwide food crisis is way better.
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it's funny that the majority of them decry genetically modified/engineered food, too. anything to keep people starving, i guess.
My theory is that mexicans are stockpiling huge amounts of beans and tortillas in case of another dotcom bubble burst. There were millions out of work last time as there were no pasty nerds to clean up afterward.
It's got nothing to do with 'ecoliberals' and everything to do with greedy agribusiness companies, and the senators they own.

Real liberals ride bikes.
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the 'world food crisis' is a power and wealth distribution issue, not overpopulation or lack of food production ability
i ride a bike.
ethanol subsidy is the product of midwestern politics and rising petrol prices, two well-known eco-liberal conspiracies. the corn shortage is a product of ethanol subsidy, now consuming 20% of domestic production. the rice shortage is a function of the corn shortage. i haven't figured the milk shortage out yet, but i blame internet ideologues. we must put more tits into production!
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it costs us twice as much to feed our cows as it did about five years ago, according to my boss. Add to that the rising cost of transporting goods in general, and milk goes through the roof.
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oh also, a LOT of place in the last 10 years have decided they don't want smelly dairies in their county. So they buy out the dairies, in some cases for as much as 5x their worth, close them down, and stop giving out dairy licenses for the county. So the owners take the money and get out of the dairy business. Basically expect the cost of milk to go nowhere but up in the long run.

I think the current food crisis (and isn't there always one?) has more to do with several years of weird weather messing with the harvest, rising oil costs and the declining US zloty. Biofuels are a small factor by comparison.

The smart choice for biofuels are soft woods, as you can grow trees on land not otherwise agriculturally viable without the need for nitrate fertilizers. But the midwest grows corn, about the worst choice for a biofuel crop, and because it's part of the biggest government protected planned economy in the world, that's what gets used.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

(And travelling salesmen.)

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