pacman inkee


Picnic tonite in Dolores Park? We are thinking 8:30 onwards. PLZ ADVZ via email (dis at gruntle dot org) re: your attendance
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sounds fun i did this last night and ended up having to watch crust punks fuck :(

i hope the same does not happen to you!
scott from bart? you would take the bart to 16th street station and then walk up 16th street, towards valencia. (towards wells fargo) and then once you get to the mission, which is dolores street, you take a left and you walk like 2 blocks and you cannot miss the park!

well this weekend me and the girl are going to the russian river, but the friday following is gay day at great america. maybe you could come, i have no idea what your work schedule is.
you live by dolores park? i could stop by after work. i workat24 hour on 16th and bryant! heheh :)
we dont live by there but its the central park for everyone i know (ie easiest for all to get to) YOU SHOULD COME OUT! We wanna sit on the grass and drink and yell at people.
also plz be advized i am 5ft tall. I will be with a boy and a girl who are both 6ft tall.
LOL... OK, got it.

I'm actually gonna go hang out there now for a few hours, the day is soooo beeeeeaaauuutiful!