oh nice!..keep it, you will be SO glad you did!...duck = Number One Pet!!
you need to keep it sort of warm..you can give it those pellets (kind of cylindrical)..I think we just used the same stuff that the horse got..crushed up in water..makes a loose paste..maybe check pet store or agricultural supply.
Anyway..as it grows it imprints on you and your kids...lol..it will follow you anywhere...forever...later on you'll need to make it a little duck-house for living outside.
ugh omg gtfo of here i fucking love baby ducks.

what planet do you live on that everything good happens to you
I can't believe it, but I know nothing about ducks :( That duckling is adorable though. I want.
When I rescued a baby bird, I fed it heated canned cat food and it was pretty happy with that.
yeah theyr'e fairly easy to take care of. make sure the water bowl is shallow so they dont fall in/drown/freeze to death if ti gets chilly. theyre not as water repellent as babies. also if you go to a weed & feed store they often have food for baby ducks. make sure it's not chicken feed because chicken feed is often medicated and can kill duckies. just keep him warm! and make sure it gets dark at night for him to sleep. baby ducks rule.
I used to have a pet duck, but we didn't get him when he was that young. He trampled the crap out of hte little area we kept him in. He ate grasses and pellet food with some water in it to make it soft/mushy. It was actually really watery now that I think about it. It was like water food, but crushed up like um.. grape nuts the cereal.

If you don't have a yard to keep it in, I don't know if it will work out. Ducks poop a lot and I'm sure you don't want it crappin' on the floor.

I mean you could TRY keeping it in the bathroom, but that's really not a good idea for anyone. :(

Maybe a pet shelter can take it?