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ping and pong

ping pong, originally uploaded by hep.

we got the duckling a chick for company (if you are going to raise one bird... etc.) I have actually been wanting to get a few egg layers for awhile (I grew up on a ranch with fresh eggs every day. Taking care of chickens is fun and rewarding for kids) so this was just moving up the timeline a bit. Once the coop in the yard is built in a few weeks we are planning on getting a few more chicks.

that is all they do to each other pretty much :) ping is very happy to have a friend. And it was either that or syn ack. hehe.
i thought about it but turkeys are so dumb. domesticated ones at least.
I <3 my pet chickens...I think you are right, it will be great for the kids.

Chick and duck are adorable.

I just like waking up and seeing chickens walking around the gardens in the flowers :)
when we get our house, i'm seriously thinking of getting chickens.
i've never really understood that egg thing - don't chickens get really really pissed off that you're taking their younglings?. . . i mean sure they're unhatched, but still, normally birds seem to get a bit testy about things like that. . .
you do it a certain way and they get used to it. Also I used to collect the eggs right after I fed the hens so they were outside. They really aren't that smart. If you reach under an egg layer they get mad and peck you but it's not really that bad. T