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If you're a renter, or you might be one, or you know and like people who rent, you should vote against Proposition 98 next Tuesday, June 3.

gordonzola has done a fine job of explaining why at this post and previously at this other post. I'll summarize here with cut and paste bits from his post:

State Proposition 98 on the June 3 ballot will change your life and change our city forever if it passes. This dangerous measure would end all rent control in California. Worse, it would also end just-cause eviction protections. If it passes, landlords will be able to raise evict tenants for no reason other than that they want to raise the rent.

Besides attacking tenants and rent control, Prop 98 will also end a number of environmental regulations as well as zoning and land use laws. Under Prop 98, developers will be able to ignore height limits in residential neighborhoods, build on environmentally sensitive areas and bring chain stores into neighborhoods where they are now prohibited. Prop 98 will also end requirements that developers build a certain number of units which are affordable to people with low and moderate incomes.

Also likely to be ended by this language will be laws requiring landlords to give 60 day notices for large rent increases or no-fault evictions, as well as laws requiring relocation benefits for no-fault evictions. Laws limiting the amount of security deposits or limiting when a landlord can hold on to a security deposit will also end. Prop 98 is a constitutional amendment so its provisions will override all other local and state laws (and make challenging it in court especially difficult).

Please vote. Without a good showing it's likely to pass, because they put it in a boring election between two important ones.
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Rent control laws, while they may help those fortunate enough to get a rent-control apartment, hurt other renters because they reduce the incentives of builders to build new buildings (why build, if you can't rent it out at a price sufficient to recover you costs plus profit?) It also reduces the incentives of building owners to invest in their properties, since they can't recover the costs of upkeep with higher rents.

According to a 2008 University of Washington study:

Between 1989 and 2006, the median inflation-adjusted price of a Seattle house rose from $221,000 to $447,800. Fully $200,000 of that increase was the result of land-use regulations, says Theo Eicher — twice the financial impact that regulation has had on other major U.S. cities.

San Francisco and the Bay Area have similar land use regulations. All of these regulations decrease the supply (and therefore, increase the costs) of homes available for rent or purchase.

Zoning laws and building codes also make it difficult, if not impossible, to build mixed-use live/work spaces, or use low cost green building techniques (such as strawbale or earthbag construction).

You also fail to mention the main impetus for the law. Under current law, the government can simply seize your property for bogus "redevelopment" by politically connected developers or because they deem your property "blighted". God help you if you're a black property owner near the site of a new mall. Prop. 98 would make such forced takings by private developers illegal, and require adequate compensation for any takings for truly "public" projects (freeways, schools).

So yes, please vote. But vote yes.

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what about prop 99? it's also something re: eminent domain.