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Congratulations Zoe!

Evan Zoe and Zane, originally uploaded by hep.

Zoe graduated from the 5th Grade yesterday. Today I put them all on a plane to Mexico for 10days. Viva la fiesta!

nah with a passel of family. grandmother, my aunt and cousins, some of their other cousins, and my other uncle. Big family trip. I just hate leaving sf so I never go. I get homesick :(
heh i have a tendency to be unnecessarily brief on lj. I always have these plans to write like, nice coherent posts that explain everything neatly, but then I get to the actual posting part and I am like, ah fuck it, no one gives a fuck just post a jpg.
give them a big congratulations hug from the both of us. mexico sounds lovely right now, any room in the luggage for us? haha!

oh god, zaney is totally making an oclet face. Or maybe oclet is always making a zaney face.