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You know how sometimes people on your friends list post about stuff going on in their lives, and all of a sudden you think, "Wait a minute? Since when are they working THERE? Since when are they dating HIM/HER? since when???" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

Please copy mine below, erase my answers, putting yours in their places, and then post the result in your journal. Please elaborate on the questions which would benefit from elaboration! One-word-answers seldom help anyone out.

1. Name: hep. yes people call me hep irl. yes my mom calls me hep.

2. Age: 12

3. Location: San Francisco, California, USA. sf-native. avail to guide upon request.

4. Occupation: instigator. occasional photographer. I tend to work a lot of part time weird jobs so I can keep my schedule flexible to help out at the kids school or hang out with them all summer. I do a lot of photography work or web dev. I also am involved in indymedia tho mostly south america stuff. imc in the us is a joke.

5. Partner: Yuriy aka regulate. We have been together three years. We first got together at Campathon the first, and it's our unofficial anniversary every year. Sometimes you meet someone and you know they will interest you forever. Yuriy is one of the smartest, and most hilarious people I have ever met, but he never acts like a know-it-all retard. He looks like this sans lipring:

6. Kids: Evan (13) Zoe (almost 11) & Zane (9). Evan is going into 8th grade next year. He wants to be a doctor still, and currently he is hoping to study at UCSF. He is looking into high schools this year. Evan has been playing fps games since he was 3, and currently he is addicted to garry's mod. His all-time favorite fps is counterstrike, but he also has a softspot for Quake I and II which is what he first started out on. Zoe wants to do some sort of crime scene or detective work when she grows up. She is definitely a detective oriented kid, she pays attention to EVERYTHING and never forgets stuff. Whenever something needs to be figured out (who ate all the ice cream (answer: Zane)) Zoe is the one to get to the bottom of it. She loves to watch CSI, Law & Order and other cop mystery shows. Zane will probably do something artistic when she grows up. She always has been the one to draw or paint, and even for a 9year old she is a pretty good portrait sketcher. If you ever come to one of our BBQs, she will do charcoal sketches of everyone there. She is also the most internet of the kids, she likes to send email to us, then call us on the phone to tell us she sent us an email and what she said in it so we can hurry up and write back. Probability of being emo or goth: 85%

(Evan, Zane, and Zoe)

7. Brothers/Sisters: My brother Darr died when I was 11. He was 4 years older than me. I also have a sister D who is the same age as me. She is a spook and lives in Baltimore with her spook fiance. She is the tall one in this jpg:

8. Pets: grep and awk (cats), pico (rabbit), proxy (guinea pig), virus (hamster), xor (bearded dragon), and the three chicks pong, syn, and ack (or milkshake, yogurt, and slurpie depending on who you ask)

9. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life:
i. kids summer vacation. Once they get back from Mexico we are gonna hit all the bay area theme parks for pukefest 2008. Also there will be visits to county faires. If you are interested in pukefest, plz advz. I hate roller coasters (hello, I have seen who puts that shit together. in many cases its relatives of mine. I wouldn't trust those people to build a doghouse) so we need people who are willing to ride with small children who will mock you if you get scared.
ii. yard and house work. we have this huge lot of land and I never do anything with it. So this year I have been planting a ton in the yard and working on building some structures out there we need (chicken coop, real treehouse, garden shed, etc). This also coincides with renovating the lower story of the house. Can we say DARKROOM! yeah!
iii. Art bullshit. I promised a bunch of people a bunch of new stuff for various shows and stuff. At some point I need to gather together stuff to submit. Which means at some point I should probably go take some new stuff. it's on my to-do list.

10. What did you go to school for? I went to art school for photography. lol art students.

11. Parents: My parents live up in Sonoma County on a giant dairy farm. lolcows.

12. Who are some of your closest friends? Renee aka nullcherri my bff4lyf and Wendy aka demure my e-gf. Chris Abad aka aempirei my male bff4lyf and oclet aka cocklet my etwin. here are some jpgs of us:

nullcherri and me sitting in the stairwell of the 20 GOTO 10 Gallery

demure and me @ the Cracktory CRACKAID2006 Party

me & aempirei @ campathon 2005

oclet and me @ defcon 13 after I beat him up.

not ljcutting. sry pals. ps i stole this from uke!
lol, I for one am down for pukefest. I have a thing for roller coasters and things to go fast. And I'm back up in the north bay finally :)

Picture very related.

I'll probably fill this out later, I have to help my momma clean up the house and cook dinner!

Also: Your sister is a spook? oh shi-
hah, we are too much alike.. I grew up in pee pee town and my parent(s) jumped ship like many did in ptown and moved up north to Sonoma County.. no moo cows tho.. just alot of pothead "farmers" and uh river rats. I didn't know you were a artist, need to get some of your stuff for the next fundraiser for my sister again, remind me if I post it.. my brother leo was one of the founders who did the Sanchez Art center when it was a school they all worked on that decrepit school and made it what it is now. We gotta meet one day, your kids are super cute, I love unique kiddypies, gotta let them stretch their winglets !
Oh you have a bearded dragon! I just saw one for the first time last week and liked it. Are they fun? Boring? Do they crap all over the place? How painful are they to take care of? When they die can you eat them?
they are pretty cute. Not so hard to care for. They use a desert style tank so sand and rocks. Keep the heat up. Crickets 1x a week and greens every day. sift the sand once a week for waste (i use a fish scooper, or rather Evan does) They have to stay pretty hot so they can't be free range like older iguanas can, but they are pretty sweet if you handle them often. They get to be about arm length long. Ours is about 7inches now. Eventually he will be a little over a foot long and about 3lbs.

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It's neat to get an update on your life. I'm pretty lazy about doing surveys but maybe someday I'll do one and post it. Also, cute Newrocks!
about 95% of the time she does. My sister and I have the same name. Long story. Also a couple other people in our social circle have the same name so I started ignoring anything but hep about 15yrs ago.
and here i thought only mexicans gave their children the same names (my mom has two sisters that have the same first name as her)
also 'omg, small world',
i used to spend part of my summers up in Sonoma County when i was little
lol where at? on the russian river? that is totally the summering spot. In the winter it floods and is terrible but is good for earning cash delivering groceries to those people trapped by washed out roads.
my uncle runs a vineyard in sonoma and had a huge house, so the whole huge mexican family (uncles, aunts, cousins) came up and would sleep or bring an RV to sleep in and we would have lots of BBQ and shoot deers and make deerjerky.
this sounds like what our family did too. plus my dad would take his truck and do donuts in the backfield after it rained so we could make dirtbike and atv tracks.
i love atvs!
but i'm too big of a pussy to do dirtbikes.

there are great advantages of having huge mexican families. i'm pretty sad that my children won't be able to experience that.
you just replace huge mexican family with huge weird internet family. Oclet is the drunk uncle who rambles on and lives in a van by the river. aempirei is the whack uncle that does lots of drugs and drives flashy cars. etc.
always nice to be caught up on everything :) i love that picture of you and renee you look 100% down to kick ass.