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a+ excellent editorial work marred by compositing without a garbage matte

Edited at 2008-06-18 03:54 pm (UTC)
what is a garbage matte. is that like when you say to a photographer "nice matte" at their art show?
a garbage matte is what they call me when i get trashed! ha ha.

no, its a rough mask to cover the crap your chroma key doesn't drop.
i almost know what that means then i remembered that i dont care about video :DDDD
does he say cunt in this? i only watch political videos that say the word cunt.
hep this is urgent we need to figure out how to get paid making shit like this asap
srsly i told you how. give oclet and aempirei chatcaine and whiskey, then follow them inside political/web2.0/debutante events.
the problem is that oclet is apparently dead. who will play straightman to aempirei's bald jerry lewis?
dude i cant fkn believe that abad PSYCHICALLY KNEW oclet had a drug overdose seizure. How whack is that? BEFORE IT HAPPENED too
I think that in this time of indicision we need to remember what will happen if you DONT vote

This bit of past lulz brought to you by Dumbo, the presidential penis.