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fireplace cat

fireplace cat, originally uploaded by hep.

grep likes to sleep in strange places. I found her in the fireplace this morning. I think she is trying to keep cool (the fireplace is behind some heavy curtains in the living room so it stays cool and dark all day long) And yes, I do keep the skateboards in the fireplace.

lol she has a box. thats why shes there, cats fuckin love boxes, they are mesmerized by them.
no the hello kitty one is zane's now. that is zoe's i think its a think board.
we keep our skateboards outside in the planter to the left of our front door. It's kinda like the communal board pool. They're free for the riding by the inhabitants of new Spudland.

let us make a thread to do psychoanalytic speculation on why oclet has a cocaine seizure every time he falls in love with a girl.