pacman inkee


daybreak, originally uploaded by hep.

what it looks like over the bay now. fkn silent hill up in this shit.

yeah thats over the bay. you should be seeing oakland in that jpg. the container ship is only about 2mi out and you can barely see that!
Its so nasty, just to think, this is how it is ALL the time in China they say, and worse.

thx you. it is hard for me to write, but i always have a backlog of photos :)
he is on that container ship out there. he will brb - skinning sailors.
also, does it look like silent hill over in alameda? its CRAZY here around dusk. The exact ash falling, haziness that is all over the games and movie. I tried to jpg the abandoned house at the top of the hill last night with the crazy ash shrouded hills in the background, but there wasnt enough light :(
i can't say for sure - i'm in seattle right now :) but when the plane took off yesterday, it was exceptionally hazy - so unreal.
lawl! tangent: when I first saw the url I immediately thought SUPER MARIO BROTHERS COMICS! im a nerd :(
have you seen the sunset the past couple of days?. . . i dunno what it'll be like today but yesterday and the day before it was fiery red and you could look straight at it. . .
ah crap, yeah. but you should, because this chick looks JUST like your boyfriend. except with tits.