greetings professor falcon
fucking war games.. wtf? best movie evar.
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WRONG! but close! look closer then IMDB for this year :D :D :D
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Just how many Saturdays did they play that movie on TV2 when we were growing up? It must have been quite a few.
yeah its actually decent. i recommend it for a good afternoon movie
let me tell you a little story hep :)

back way back when I was young my mother knew this guy who owned a rental store in . Like seriously in this valley somewhere surrounded by mountains and it took over 2 hours to get there. Anyway we borrowed a few movies for him (not actually rented, just took them for a while), but we never really returned them. War Games was one of the movies and because I had it, I ended up watching that movie more times than most movies ever in my life and then some ;D

ok that's my store. The new one is being downloaded now ;o

Also where are you. I don't see you on IRC ;(
The War Games producers gave a speach at my work (Google) a few weeks ago. I got a swanky Wargames baseball hat out of it.
hah Stanislaus, .. as kids we used to camp there ALL THE TIME, we practically lived at Knights Ferry as kids, we spent the entire summers there, my aunties lived in Sonora. I need to plan a family camping trip up there.. like... soon.