thats not me thats khate. we weigh almost the same but she is a foot taller than me or renee. also in that jpg, she had to like, crouch all the way down and i had to move way in to shoot it. it was lol. we were like LOWER! LOWER!

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I saw a reference to you on the internet recently, and I started thinking "Wait, if that is the same hepkitten, her kids must be teenagers now"

P.S. I can't track time or add properly. I used to live with the late Howard G.
hey i remember you! yeah my son is *13* now, how whack is that? the girls are 11 and 9 but even so thats so OLD. the older two are both in middle school now! how have you been?
Married, divorced, dating again.

Started grad school in santa cruz, almost done (masters in CS, PhD in "applied math and statistics")

Advisor moved to San Diego, girlfriend moved to L.A. I am in S.D. for the summer, and well on my way towards becoming a Southern Californian.

Wish me luck. And inform me of stereotypical things Southern Californians are supposed to do, so I can fit in better.