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how i spent my summer vacation weekend

Tags: 070705, 10-11, 1337, 1995, 2006, 2007, 20goto10, 23 skidoo, 3.14, 9/11, :(, abad, administrivia, adorable, aempirei, aim, aimfight, almostblackcat, anal indeed, anal with hep, anarchy, anarchy is hard, ansi, ansi art, anti-atkins, antioccupation, apathy, apes not monkies, apple camp, arrowbar, art, at least 100 yrs ago, athf, atlonglasttheyhavenosenseofdecency, att, attn whore, attorney at lol, audioscrobbler, awe, awk, axewound, ayo for yayo, b_ got abad's leftoevers, bad idea, bad pix, baiting, bantown, bantown high council, barcrawl, bars, bash, bass fishing and you, bay bridge, bbq, bday, bff, bhc, bibliophil, big brother, birthday, birthday gift, blog, blogging, bloggosphere, bonfire, booklist, boyfriend, bragging rights, brand loyalty, brawndo, brb, breakup, bridge, bridgelolz, bring it, broken lights, bullying, bunnies, bunny, burning pyre of the archangel, burningman, cable cars, cacaphony, cairo, cake, calender, campathon, camwhore, car type stuff, careless, cat in a blank, catchphrases, ceciladams, chile, chinatown, christmas, christmas cards, click my wishlist, closedduetoaids, clothes, cny, come flame me, comix, commie, contact, coverup, cracktory, crafts, cryptic, cultural rape, cupcakes, cute, dailyshow, dan, defcon, delirium, demure, diamond, diditforthelolz, die die die, discordians, discworld, dmuz, dnalounge, dogbitesman, dongs, dork, dorkery, dragqueens, easter, eat, ebitch, ebm, ed, ediots, egostroking, elephant sex, energy famine, eris, estalking, etymology, evaniko, ew, fbill, fdsflickrtoys, fear, feem, fema, fgtry, field trip, fieldtrip, first day of school, fish, fishing, flickr, foaf, foodblog, free palestine, freebeer, freshprince, fri13, furries, fursecution, fuzzy, gaity, gay, gay pride, gaybad, gayempirei, ggb, gibson, gone fishin, goodcause, grep, hack war, hackcon, hackers, hacking, halturner, harrison ford is dead, harry potter, hax, hay internet, hello internet, help, hep, hepday, hephepriots, hepkids, hepmas, heppuke, hipster, hipsterology, hipsters, home, homonaut, hoodie, horrible, horror movie plot, horse, how is that for neutrality bitches?, howto, hugz, hypocrisy, i love you internet, i was naked when i took this picture, i'd hit it, ical, idhs, ididitforthelolz, idiftl, idiocracy, imc, important wrk, indie, indiefest, indiekids, indoctrination, internet, internet apb, internet birthday party, internet cool, internet disease, internet etymology, internet famous, internet jihad, internet owls, internet stalking, internet stupidity, internet superiority complex, internet war, internet whoring, internetdiary girls, internetlawl, ipod, iraq, irc, ircinjokes, irhell, irl, irlol, irlolz, irlpalz, ironic irony, irony, jameth, jarly, jesus, jewsdidwtc, jpg, july4, justice, jwz, jwz baiting, katrina, kawaii, kidhumor, kids, kids post, kill whitey, kite, lain, lazyweb, ldg, lefty, lemur, livejournal, living dead girls, lj, ljd, ljtour, local, logtv, lol, lolbad, lolbama, lolitics, lolocaust, loltrain, lolville, lolz, looting, lynx, mail, mailcall, march18, masterlol, math jokes, me, me me, me me me, medical marijuana, meme, memesheep, memewhore, meta, metablog, michael bolton, michael brown, middle east, mine, misdirection, mnftis, monkeybutter, morality, motoko kusanagi, mouse, mov, movies, movies and beer, mp3, mr hands, muni, muse, my new filing technique is unstoppable, myspace, nerd, never forget, new meme, newmeme, neworleans, nola, nsa, nsfw, oak shipyard, okcupid, old meme, old meme but lol meme, old memes need love too, operation enduring freedom, orly, os x switch, out of iraq, pandas, pbf, people are starving in africa, pg&e, pho, photo, photo geek joke, photogeek, photography, photojournalism, pi day, pico, pillow fight, pillowfight, playstation, plz advz, plzadvz, pm is a fgt, politics, politix, poll, poolsclosed, portfolio, posse, post of the year, postcard, postingtoorconjpgzlate, prank, prehensile penis, presidentairguitar, pride week, prop215, propaganda, protest, psa, rabbit, rabbit rabbit, really bad idea, recursive irony, red swingline, redbull, regulate, rei toei, reproductive rights, required reading, revmischa, revolution, rfjason, rfjason irtroll, riot porn, riotporn, robotic overlords, roe vs wade, rollcall, russians, saddam, salj, save the internet, school, science, self-retardation, send me stuff, sex sandwich, sf, sf pride, sfbay, sfif, sfimc, sfindiefest, sfo, sfzoo, sharking, shoes, sick, sloldiers of war, smashingthestackforfunandprofit, snakesonaplane, soap, something awful, soviet, sparkies, srs, stapler, state regulation of self, station a, stopdisclosing, straightdope, sucka free, surprise sex, swf, t12, tamale lady, television, terry pratchett, the internet is hard, the space merchants, theives, them not us, theraftofthemedusa, this can't turn out good. hep, tmo, today, too soon, toorcon, totoro, trivia, troll, troll army, troll of the year, trolling, trollville, trustafarians, twentygoto10, twid, urban decay, url, us not them, valentines, valentines day, vegas, vim, voice post. jameth, vote, warez this immediately, water is scary, weather, web2.0. soap, weev, what i did on my summer vacation, whining, whitepeople, wiretap, work, worst username evar, wow, wrd, wtf is this gaety, wtfema, xenu, xmas, xor, xprocess, yachtclubfag, yay or nay, yhbt, youtube, ytmnd, yule log, zane, zaney, zeitgeist, zo, zoe, zombies, zoo
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