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mother diagnoses daughter on internet after doctors fail it. Everyone on the internet already knows that I basically do not trust doctors at all (sry to any MDs on my flist but all you guys are is butchers with better maps) but also I have an irrational secret fear of getting lyme disease. We have a huge yard on top of a mountain surrounded by empty lots of tall grass so it's pretty valid to be concerned about ticks. I generally pull a couple off the cats every few days and I am pretty paranoid about the children wearing all long clothing tucked in every time they venture beyond the rock path. However I just have always thought it would be spectacularly hilarious if I contracted lyme on top of all my other physical ailments. What are some other tips for avoiding lyme disease dear internet?
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My mom had lyme disease. It was diagnosed late and was really, really horrible. She was misdiagnosed for months and told it was in her head and then told it was fibromyalgia and scarlet fever! Crazy.

There are tick repellents but they go on your clothes, not your skin. Ticks can still crawl under your clothes to the untreated skin, which is why tucking pants into socks and shirts into pants is important.
Once you get the Lyme disease, be skeptical of any controversial and expensive recommendations and claims of dire consequences.

Had a friend in skool who went through a wild Lyme disease rigamarole. Can't recall the exact details.
haha oh shit... dude I literally almost flipped out when camping cuz I saw ONE tick, I am absolutely terrified of that crap. They're HELLA nasty. MY sister in law got lymes .. they treated it,but still, the thought of a tick on me, just freaks me the hell out !!!!!
Oooh ... I almost forgot.. in Hawaii they have like tick HELL and everyone uses "Skin so Smooth" or some crap from Avon,its supposed to be the wonder tick repellent.
I dont think they have much lyme disease on the west coast. and basically, what you are doing already is a pretty good way to avoid ticks. and skin so soft was proven to be worthless as a bug repellent, unless you get the one that has bug repellent in it. DEET is your friend in the fight against bugs. basically, I wouldn't worry about it more than you already are.
Last weekend, one of the girls I met has lyme's and was told when she contracted it at 5 years old it looked like a spider bite, and it went untreated. She's now in chronic pain, takes Xymol to go to sleep, and part of her face has gone numb.

Don't believe doctors that say anything is just a simple bite if you have large red marks. Simple bites don't do that.

If you catch it, lyme's is surprisingly easy to treat, and it is rare that a tick carries the right bacteria to do it.