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aardvark, originally uploaded by hep.

like everyone else in the bay area right now, i am also so stressed out I cant even think long enough to scream. so in light of the fact that i am really too busy to even be writing about what i am too busy with, here is an aardvark to cheer your morning. plz post your amusing anecdotes here to distract me from thoughts of dashing into the middle of southbound 101 in an effort to not have to think about bullshit anymore. <3

i can tell i'm really freakin' old 'cuz i had the leggings thought too, only in my case i was thinking of them as leg warmers from the previous iteration of the fad when "flashdance" came out. . .
i recently went to the zoo and they had several of these and they were in a group SNUGGLING each other
sorry you are so stressed. :(
please let me know if I can help.
*big hugs*

better now? ;P
I can totally sympathize with the schedule driving you bonkers thing...I am sure you have it much worse.

The things that get me through are remembering that I am loved, that my kid is awesome, and that if I really wanted to I could run away from home and live a new life in Alaska (I'm just choosing not to at the moment :)

Yesterday a sixteen y/o girl offered me sex and her friend asked me if I wanted to do cocaine with them.
You know what i'm talkin about, and I'm proud!
/me sings the aaaaaaaaardvark song from sesame st.