That looks good. You suck for getting fruit though. WTf, fries plz! This is why you are so skinny.
no every burger comes with a slice of cantaloupe. but i didnt eat fries cuz i can't even finish their small size burger. i brought home half. the scale in this photo is hard to tell cuz the root beer float is also giant sized.
I saw this on diners drive ins and dives tv show and I swear, I keep a list of such places just to fly up and taste them..this is one of them :D
its so so so so good. if you ever come up i will treat you there, its my fav place for a burger and any excuse is a good one!
invalid and i have driven by there twice in the last week. must go.
ooh and they need to be bringing back the greasy yellow packaged cheeseburgers from Tic Tock .. then we'll talk :)
Hell yeah! I have a mug from there, I went to Balboa..

Joe HELLA grinds his own meat daily :)

and Clown Alley ! OMG.. and Doggie Diner pastrami sandwiches.. AND the enchilada thing at Playland, we used to drive there all the way from the Excelsior heh. Oh man, GOOD times
But have you been to Holy Grill?

I know a few people who really like Joe's. I sorta wish I did since it's right near my house, but their burgers taste lousy to me.
the last time i was there a year ago, i was not allowed to eat meat. it was retarded.
damn that looks good. srsly ever since i was in the States in 06 i have not been satisfied by burgers anywhere else.
Joe's cable car << Jack's in downtown Santa Cruz.

Don't take my word for it.