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more infrared

IR278354, originally uploaded by t.twelve.

here is another creepy infrared jpg that t12 took last night. i want to know why my eyes are always totally blacked out in ir. this is like how my canine teeth never glow under blacklight. am i a zombie? plz advz.

I love shooting b&w in IR.

also: that's totally normal that you have creepy eyes, everyone does in IR.
yes i know, but my entire eye is always blacked out. like in the xfiles. no whites. that is what im talking about.
yes but why in every picture. even ir pictures where people did macro of my eye its completely blacked out. i think it has something to do with the oxygen content in the blood going thru the eye but i forgot the detailed science of it.
shit i was gonna redeem them for a new secret spy decoder ring D:
Your canines don't show up because you don't have any. LEARN TO FLOSS.

Your eyes are black because you spend too many hours playing WoW. That makes your eyes sink into your face more and avoid all but the light of the glowing computer monitor.
you emit the IR signature of a sheryl crow doppleganger.
is that film or a digital? I have been toying with the idea of getting an IR moded d70 for a lil while...