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heppy birfday 2 me!

airbrush hat, originally uploaded by hep.

08:06 < bizzy> in the line at the apple store
08:07 < bizzy> the 2008 equivalent to the ssoviet bread line

so today is my birthday. but i am not rly excited about that yet. im still excited about my airbrush hat I got at the fair yesterday. EL JEPE NAGA WHAT? ps nullcherri: we need matching hats what say you?

yeah airbrush :) At the Alameda fair I got a tank top with airbrush "Nina" with hawaiian flowers hah. I"m such a FOB! This weekend is art/wine festival here in Fremont, we're going to Bone Bash (go Scorpions/Sammy Hagar/Satriani) headbangers and cameltoe for days..
lololol nullcherri sent me that last week. we are such some ecard whores
oh man yesterday at the faire they had a whole booth on TICK SAFETY. it was like heaven. i got all sorts of literature to flip out over :DDDD
happy getting older day!!

what are your plans for the weekend?
as my grandfather used to sing in his accented English:

"Apio Verde to joo....." (Green Celery in Spanish)

heppy heppy birthday
may all ur dreams comes true
heppy heppy birthday
from the internets to you!

(you have to sing it, like a little jingle) :)