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lol york times

new york times article about how weev has a moral line with hacking:

totally worth the read for this exchange:

WEEV: the whole posting flashing images to epileptics thing? over the line.
HEPKITTEN: can someone plz tell me how doing something the admins intentionally left enabled is hacking?
WEEV: it's hacking peoples unpatched brains. we have to draw a moral line somewhere.
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I was reading the NYT and I thought hepkitten sounded familiar... !
I was reading the NYT and I thought hepkitten sounded familiar... !
i can now use nytimes as a valid source to argue that i am cute.
In debating whether or not the article above was well written, the following exchange:

00:18 <@chr1s> i know a bunch of the people mentioned in the article..
00:20 < gemini_> wow, the inanity has breeched nytimes. lulz. stop.
00:21 <@chr1s> inane? perhaps
00:21 <@chr1s> but, it touches on something very deeply held and true about the darkness of humanity
00:22 <@chr1s> modern burlesque
00:22 <@chr1s> inane by design, transcendent by accident
00:22 < gemini_> i don't read that; at least in any novel sense.
00:24 <@chr1s> well, it would be at the very least hypocritical of you or i to take umbrage about the subjects of the article
00:24 < gemini_> it *is* recursively stupid; trascendence ftw.
00:24 < gemini_> it isn't the subject matter
00:25 <@chr1s> in other words, we can't criticize people for trolling, certainly not at that level
00:25 < gemini_> i mean i'm all about bombast and chaos but this article seems like a weak propogation of material (faulting nytimes, not the trollbies that
took advantage of it)
00:26 <@chr1s> fair enough
00:26 <@chr1s> but, given that its the nytimes, its not as badly written as it could be
00:27 < gemini_> true, it is a lot more thorough than was the anti-anonymous fox bits
00:27 < gemini_> i think the reporter would have been (or might be) better of writing a book about it
00:28 <@chr1s> right, and the funny thing is that fox is a network dedicated to anonymous trolling
00:28 <@chr1s> "anonymous sources within the administration said today..."
00:28 < gemini_> heh
00:28 <@chr1s> "barack obama is a secret muslim, pass it on"
00:29 <@chr1s> greenwald wrote about that today
00:31 <@chr1s>
00:31 <@rb_>
00:31 <@Cleveland> chr1s' URL title: Karl Rove's media birds chirp about Obama's "arrogance" - Glenn Greenwald -


no i was really conveying my honest feelings and i am a very moral person in actuality.

its just the moral principles i have are different from that of others.
i love all of you guys. i am attaching this article to my resume as references
god i am the most rampant anti-communist i know, i don't get why people think im a commie.
yeah reading that article totally made me post and to be honest freaked me the fuck out. what the fuck is going on, why is the internet being written about on nytimes? this has got to be the dumbest case of stupid things being taken seriously in the world. esp when they're all like SUBCULTURE ALLAH WHAT THE HELL THE WORLD IS ENDING. it's like the movie fight club or something, a bunch of assholes have fun and then the world gets accused of changing. i obviously have no idea what's going on regarding anything but i do hope you're being careful. having fun is one thing but i got a tiny bit freaked out that people are going to google you and show up at your doorstep or something. so be careful please.

arafat (haven't logged in for years so just makin' sure you know who this is)
i hope you are. it was weird + awesome though reading about you at 6 AM in bangladesh, but i was fucking offended by that article. man i miss being online so much!!!!!!
ahahahha yeah. the article didnt get the point of trolling at all. so sad.
hep before they give you a talk show or incarcerate you i want to have sex with you and get breastfed and suckled. here's something from 2002 that was still on my webspace: