All I can say is "fuck"

I almost added something about "if its true" but then I remembered being completely incredulous during the lead-up to the Iraq war.

This will make a wonderful gift for the next president.
Nice to know that there's info available that 'it is true', but dude, what's true? Wargames in the Persian Gulf? Planned invasion of Iran? Russian invasion of Georgia? Kuwait prepping for nuclear or biological-weapon attack? Jello shots in the White House incident room?
There's a lot of data on that page- and some of which the US Navy wouldn't be a particularly aware source in regards to.
I agree with the simplest-explanation-is-most-likely-true there, definitely. Odds are high we're trying to scare Iran into not rattling their sabers, which is likely to be at-least-somewhat ineffective. Thank you for defining the data you had gotten!
Eeeh, 'I heard from people I know working at a navy base' is sources. I just wanted to be more clear on what ya heard.
House resolution 362 involves a naval blockade of Iran. So I suspect that's where this comes from.

Ain't it lovely how the modern military is so smart they can tell what a house resolution will say before it's even been brought to the floor?
who said anything about an Iran invasion? oh yeah, Iran did. great information. now, tell us about the blockade.
thats the primary point i was wondering as well. i dont care about the going to war bit in iran yet because i dont believe we have the strength either to go into another conflict at this point. but the blockade is the interesting bit.

also why do i never get your comments in notifications?
'Tis true, though I haven't given it much thought. My husband has some sources which cannot be named, so believe it or don't. I actually heard about this a few days ago.

Not going to go into more details, but to say that supposedly, it IS an 'offensive' move (like offense and defense, aside from actually being personally offensive).

Stupid GW. I hope we get his lame cork-brain out of the whitehouse before he causes us more grief.
yeah the reason i was so distrusting is everything that i had read about us/iran relations is that currently we are at a positive point. to initiate acts of aggression, or even those that could be read as such, now just seemed uncharacteristically stupid even for the current administration.