chupacabra or tasmanian tiger?

tasmanian tiger, duh! that thing looks a lot less blood sucking than the chupacabras i've seen deep in the heart of mexico.
yeah chupacabras fold down their ears. and where are the spines? CHUPACABRA HAVE SPINES!
you better be careful in nor cal

i use to spend my summers as a little kid on my uncle's vineyard and all the workers would talk about how they were raising chickens on a small section on the land and a chupacabra sucked all the blood and they died!
only time til the baby chupacabra becomes larger and gets past goat blood sucking onto human sucking!!
dude you 100% do not have to convince me shit like that exists. i grew up in sonoma county and you ALWAYS found sheep and stuff maimed or dead. IT WAS SCARY WHEN I WOULD HAVE TO TAKE THE GARBAGE HALF A MILE IN THE DARK DOWN THE DRIVEWAY.

gosh, i swear there are some crazy mexicans in sonoma (which just happens to be exactly where my uncle lives) that are doing that just to creep us the fuck out.

the bottom one is video from the last remaining tasmanian tiger before they went extinct. they are my alltime favorite animal. i wish they were still around. THEY COULD OPEN THEIR JAWS 180 DEGREES WHAT THE FUCK THAT IS SO AWESOME. i want one.

the top link is from some video shot a few days ago. SAME JAWLINE LETS GO GET ONE
I just want to take that chew-pac-abla fingy into my house and pet it and give it little bits of cheese and sausage ;~;

and then I want to travel back in time and save the stripey tiger puppy donkey thing and then feed it little bits of cheese and sausage T0T