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i love my new lomo fisheye.

Lomography is the best. i don't have a Lomo right now, but I do have a Holga i need to play with. I've had it for like a year now but haven't bothered to develop any of the film I've shot with it.

As far as fisheye stuff goes, I got inventive and ended up buying a door peephole and just held it up to the lens (very carefully) of my Nikon digital, then edited the edges in Photoshop.

i was thinking about doing that with the fisheye viewfinder. its detachable!
yeah the fisheye 2 has a hotshoe for an external flash. but if you arent using an external flash they give you a detachable fisheye rangefinder viewer that sits there. its cute but not accurate at all.
thats almost the one i got. i got the fisheye 2 cuz it has a hotshoe for an external flash. the lens pushes out from the camera body and where the flash is on the camera means you get a shadow from the barrel. hold i will upload a jpg and show you
yeah its the most fun camera ever. i suggest picking up super vivid pro films over normal shit from safeway. kodak gold max has a 5 stop latitude which makes it terrible film. too washed out