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funnel cakes

funnel cakes, originally uploaded by hep.

oh yes internet. you should be vry jealous of me rite now. bavarian
cream and caramel funnel cake here i come!

damnit.. yes i want teh funnel cake.. i often wondered why there were not more places to buy funnel cake!
its like a american dessert thing thats diabeedus on a plate. i will post a jpg later.
my town's yearly festival is soon coming. I can get all I want then. I dare you to come to Xenia, Ohio and try to stop me.
no i mean, arent you out here anymore? WHY DID WE NEVER HANG OUT?!
nope.. i had to move a year and a half or so ago. Might get out there again sometime, and if I do i'll let you know. =) we did meet a couple times though!
well i mean, you know, HANG out. you were only in richmond, thats so close compared to ohio!
This is so true. But hey, we have funnel cakes here. And cool weather. And... thunderstorms!
oh man i miss thunderstorms. it doesnt even rain or get foggy here anymore :( stupid global warming