pacman inkee


_E208935, originally uploaded by t.twelve.

t12 took this photos of me shooting with my lomo fisheye tonite. i will post the pictures tomorrow when i pick up the film. thx 4 going with me pascally!

ITS SAN FRANCISCO. summer means cold and foggy here! windy too
i just ate an ice cream cone! :D AND i had a chili cheese dog tonite.
yeah the first photographer i ever apprenticed under was a portrait photographer, so that is definitely always my strongest suit. unfortunately, since it was the first thing i ever learned to shoot professionally its also the most boring to me :(
yeah he was doing sick long exposures last night. we both were but i dont get to see mine for another hour :(
sup sexy mama...

and you too, hep. that camera is fierce.
Somehow I think I'd missed the fact that t12 is on LJ.

Also, the hat, scarf, and gloves make you look like a homeless lady in that pic.
i *AM* a homeless lady. i am a troll who lives under a bridge!