Oh god. Joey starts on the 2nd.

I can not believe I am old enough to have a middle school child.
i know right. NOW I HAVE TWO. WHAT 2 DO?????? next year i will have a HIGH SCHOOL AGED CHILD!!!!
i got me one too. are you getting the tween emotional rollercoaaster ride where you can't tell if they're going to be loving or bitter teenagers?

p.s. congrats to both of them, they kook so fresh faced and cute.
not yet. im kind of a dick about it tho because i use my own personal history against them ie: as a teenager I didn't act like a teenager so you better get your act together kiddo. And other such sayings. hehe! Sometimes having been a teen parent works out to my benefit when I get to point out how responsible I was to have raised children so young, so if I could suck it up and be responsible, then they can as well. That's also part of the reason we got chickens. I believe on piling on the responsibility. More chores means less time to get in trouble!
that's funny, usually i say similar stuff too. when we had the hamster she was really responsible. i think i have to add a few more chores. but i think now that homework is likely to be more of the issue, i doubt i'll have any problems. she's really good about schoolwork so the chores are a bit of a struggle. i ended up scheduling the days she cleans so there is NO argument. we'll see. it's an awkward time. :P
ahahhahhahahahahahaahahahaahahahahahahahahaah look at that dopey girl in the background she reminds me of one of my high school math teachers

i have a ways to go, my future stepdaughter just started third grade.
Raise them to troll, and question authoritahhh well :D
I know I try to :D
Horrors! :) LOL. I love middle schoolers. They are such a kick in the ass, seriously. (But there has been many a day when I came home from teaching 8th grade all day going "Thank glod I don't have any of those in my house") :)
yeah i'm lucky that evan is a pretty easy going kid. he is like me irl, just make a joke out of everything and get on with it. the girls, im sure, will be an entirely different story
your progeny look EXACTLY like you :)

i didn't even see that it was your post and i thought immediately "those two look like hepkitten... DOH!!! they are hepkitten's!"
hahaha yeah we get that a lot. they all three definitely have my smile (zane was at the little school during this picture so she isn't in it)