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sf from the backside of potrero

sf from the backside of potrero, originally uploaded by hep.

i wish this was clearer but I was literally reaching at the peak of my height and holding on to a chain link fence for balance. I am planning on going back to reshoot this and from a few more angles. 30sec exposure (roughly, going by count cuz I was using my watch arm to hold said fence)

so bad.. i was all thinking "oh cute girl" (from looking at the icon) and was considering asking hep who that was, then I realized wait that's River Tam lol. GG for not reading the caption up front!
nice, as you may have read i have moved to the penthouse of this apt., and I love having a view now. It's not super amazing since this building is still fairly short and there are much larger buildings around here and there, but still something more than before. :)