Well, my Sunday morning was made a little more exciting by this.
i'm seven months pregnant, and i look like that. (well, i am fatter but i was fatter to start with. the point is, i don't look pregnant.) so it is possible.
not at 40 after 4 kids. the body shows pregnancy earlier and earlier with each one. i looked like that with my first pregnancy but by the 3rd one i was showing well into my 4th month. when all the skin is still taut it will hold the uterus back against the abdominal wall but once there is room to move out you carry way lower down on the hips immediately.
this. im 7 weeks pregnant with my second, my first is 9 months old and i already notice a change. and im fat.
I agree. I used to work at a maternity clothing store, and the moms who had had previous kids always showed early.

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If true, its hardly a point against her. I mean, if you're rabidly pro life, you want the best for your kids, and one of them has a teen pregnancy -- claiming your new grandkid as your own really makes a lot more sense than "No, you had it. You grow up and be a mom now"

You can't even make a hypocrisy case out of it, since her big political schtick is "no abortions" not "no teen pregnancies" Whoever that child's mother was, didn't have an abortion.

On the other hand -- whether or not its a point against her, it does sound like a great drama-filled soap-opera plot twist.
Clearly I come from a different planet.

But still, the only objections I could see someone having to this are 1) She's rabidly pro-life in the first place [a fact which deserves to be debated on the news] and 2) Oh no, she lied about her family affairs while in a position where an unnatural spotlight is pointed at one's family affairs [lame enough to begin with, but in this case, she's not even the one breaking the social taboo].

I even think that, if this is true, and she's sufficiently ballsy about admitting to it without showing any remorse, it might not even alienate conservative voters.
nah i think its more of a "if she will lie about something this huge what else will she lie about" type of situations.
for someone who is so pro-life, why would she hide it unless it was a cause of shame.
i dunno, all those clothes she's wearing in the dailykos photos are kind of bulky. . . and at 7 months i'd think it's possible that she's telling the truth. . . i wonder if governors and vice presidents can take maternity leaves. . .
Yeah normally I'd brush it off as a rumor but it sounds totally plausible from what I've read at various sites. Not to mention the video of her drinking coffee when she was supposedly pregnant!
you can have coffee when you're pregnant, you're just advised to drink no more than two cups a day.
yeah the coffee thing doesnt make this story believeable for me. neither does anything about gov palin. what makes it believable to me is the pictures of the daughter around what would have been about 6months. She is totally pregnant and hiding it in those photos. I *know* that stance and way of carrying yourself. I posted some of them above and my analysis of what evidence there is for her to be pregnant above. But there is no way she grew that belly in a couple months and can pretend its normal teenager babyfat. babyfat doesnt grow in a domeshaped outwards motion confined only to the front of the stomach. babyfat spreads everywhere and grows equally on other places such as the upper arms and hips.
I for one won't want this to be true; it has nothing to do with my political leaning...but I think if it is true, we will be the butt of the jokes for the entire world.
This is the result of a friend who's boyfriend at the time (not the father) was unaware of the pregnancy until she and he went to the hospital with her complaining of severe back pain. Her water broke on the way.

This story is not as important as the story of just why a 44 year old woman would choose to bring a child to term, especially if the child has a life-threatening birth defect. Why? Because for her, there is never any circumstance under which an abortion is justifiable.

An even better story is how the McCain campaign is painting her as more experienced that Obama because she has 13 years of executive experience (2 years and governor of Alaska, 10 as mayor in East Butt Fuck, pop 6000-something). Or how much money is spent on aerial hunting per year and not on Alaska's failing schools, among the worst in America.

Please, let's not fall for this WTC Building 7 nonsense.
im sorry, but i 100% believe it. perhaps it was because I was a scared 15yr old trying to hide that I was pregnant, but I know what a pregnant girl trying to hide it looks like. And her daughter was 100% pregnant. From the way that her belly grew (in like 4months between images) (a domeshaped belly is a baby belly. babyfat bellies grow outwards. look at all the chubby 18yr olds walking around with those fat girl lovehandles poking out the side. Plus the girl put on the birthing weight on the side of her hips. She was totally pregnant in at least 4 of those photos and trying to hide it (stand with her back tucked out so that her belly will be held in more. stand with the hands folded in front of the stomach.)

If you compare those images to other images of the oldest daughter from about 8 months before, she has the normal teenager flat belly staight across (which of course she would have since genetically she is predisposed to being tall and slender) and slight hips with a barely perceptible bowing out. (all images of her that are official have since been removed from the alaska governors webpage as of yesterday so you have to google stalk them down)

You can believe it, and it might be true. My point is that there is the debate we can have and there's the debate we should have. There is plenty of grist for the mill out there already on issues that are matters of public record.

This story will be picked up and carried by the media, I have no doubt, because it is the kind of puerile nonsense the media thrives on and it shifts ad buys and eyeballs.

But while we are talking about Baby-mamma Gate, who is talking about the Gestapo crackdown in Minneapolis, Berkeley and NOLA? (To be fair, you are). The media will not cover this, will not cover McCain's "cunt" comments or Janet Reno jokes, will not expose PUMA as a agent provocateur for the RNC, and a plethora of other stories far more interesting and substantial than this.

Also, I almost believe the RNC wants people to talk about this, to drum of false sympathy among low-information voters for this unqualified nominee for Vice President.
i was right about teen pregnancy, wrong about the timeline. they can't hide from one of their own :)

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Palin's Fake Baby
Ok, let's see if I've got this right...
40-something woman who already had 4 kids... not showing much at all at 6-7 months. Around the exact same time, 16-17-yr old daughter goes missing with "mono". Mom-to-be springs it on her staff, who, although they're with her practically around-the-clock hadn't noticed. Then...a month or more premature, "Mom's" water breaks in Dallas, but instead of delivering this high-risk special-needs 5h baby at one of the best OB-GYN facilities in the world, she hops on a plane and flies ELEVEN HOURS back to good old Alaska to have the baby. Not even the Lifetime network could come up with such an utterly unbelievable plot.

The ONLY part of this that makes any sense, is that older women have more downs-syndrome babies. Every speck of the rest of the fabrication clearly points to a radical right-winger making up baloney so her daugher wouldn't be embarrassed or (gasp) have to face the A-word.

But then... oops, the super-fertile Bridgette does it again, and right about when Johnny comes marchin' home, wanting super-mom to be VP. No time to fake a 6th pregnancy, this time we have to let the daughter take her "lumps".

No problem - all in the name of "family values".

Is there anyone reading this who REALLY thinks the baby is Sarah's ? C'mon, not even right-wingers are that easily fooled are they? ..... oh wait.... the whole Iraq/WMD/Aluminum tube/mushroom cloud thing.... Sorry, I forgot. You ARE that stupid.

What I want is a certified non-photoshopped photo of "Mom" when she announced, a DNA test proving the daughter could not be the mom, a sworn statement from the DAUGHTER's MD, and a pathology report on the placenta. THEN, MAYBE, I'd believe Sarah Palin was the mother of that baby.

If the left-leaning press can't get to the bottom of this - I've lost all faith.
Re: Palin's Fake Baby
i want the pictures of sarah palin in the delivery room, drenched in sweat, wearing a hospital gown, holding up little trig. everyone takes those pictures. of every baby. lets see em.