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so palin's down syndrome baby is hers, but I was 100% right about her daughter hiding being pregnant:

you can hide a pregnancy from a lot of people, but you can't hide it from another girl who was also a scared pregnant teenager trying to hide it. we all know the posture, the way of walking, the way you hold yourself to keep everything hidden. Girl should have worn more hoodies.
Still not sure Trig is Sarah Palin's baby. There is so much evidence she lied this whole time and it is so easy to simply lie about it again. I'm curious about the math involved in what the new story is saying, if they're trying to demonstrate overlapping pregnancies or if the window is still open for Bristol Palin having back-to-back pregnancies.
well the thing about teens is they are highly fertile. I would also be interested in seeing the math. I am wondering if they are the kind of staunch conservatives that are even against birth control for the specific reason that it could be considered an extremely early stage abortificant.
I don't buy that Bristol with a Pistol is suddenly pregnant (again), considering the timeline. Those pics of her with a bump are from during Trig's gestation, and again, Palin didn't display any sort of bulge, and took the time while leaking amniotic fluid to fly for 8 hours from TX-AK and then another hour+ to some bumblefuck hospital that has no record of any births that day.


This is yet another forced-birth scenario and the outcome of a lifetime of abstinence-only edumacation. And now they're shotgun-marrying her to some poor schmuck.
yeah marriage at 17 never works. god if i had married cj I would have been so unhappy. not because cj is a bad person, he is still my best friend in the world and I would take a bullet for him no questions asked. but we are not right in a relationship. he is too ultra-pessimistic and ready to see the worst and I need someone that is at least willing to believe in my rampant optimism. i am glad that i have a stronger personality than my crazy pro-life mom.

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The girl could have just gained a little weight. I'd be pissed if the whole nation was looking at my extra 5lbs and calling me pregnant (since I have one of those body types where my fat all goes to my belly).

Also I can believe that Mono can leave a girl out of school for several months. My friend's girlfriend was hit by Mono and ended up in the hospital for several weeks before she went into a coma and had to be pulled off life support. She was a normal healthy 17 year old at the time.
Great, at least if she gets elected her daughter can be a shining example of the hardship endured by mothers that choose to keep their babies and commit to a relationship for the rest of their lives before they're even old enough to fathom what the rest of their life entails.

yeah forcing her to get married is the worst part to me. i mean, i believe in keeping a baby if thats what you believe in, its hard, but doable. but getting married at 17 is ALWAYS a mistake if you just got pregnant and are getting married to salvage that. and anyone who says she can just say no does not understand what it is like to be a scared teenager who is pregnant and trapped by the public eye.
Whose to say the kid is going to marry the girl? What if someone from the left outbid McCain's people to pay off the kid to NOT marry the girl?

Whose to say it was not a result of a date rape?

The comedy continues...
technically it might fall under statutory in which case the governor will be required to press charges as the leading governing official of the state.
And this folks is how brilliantly well "abstainance only" education works out.
Also... since they were essentially lying to the public, doesn't this mean they need to kick her ass to the curb (think Bill Clinton, cigar etc here)?
i could be wrong here but i think the reason the republicans blew up the clinton thing was 'cuz he lied under oath. . .
Oh, that's true. Although they did make a big deal out of the whole thing before that bit happened tho.

Personally, a minor being pregnant is more appalling than some guy cheating on his wife.

...and honestly both are not even that appalling to begin with.
not proven, and as many other people have said, i would be interested to see a timeline to see if this could have been a back2back situation. especially since most of those images were from well into trig's gestation and she is supposedly only 5 months pregnant now. she should have barely been showing at all in those images if that timeline is true.
Yeah, I agree that this opens up a lot more questions than it answers, and if she's '5 months' along now, that's close enough to mean she's starting her fifth month, which means yes, she could have gotten pregnant again right around the time she gave birth to trig..

Also, if this new story is true, this should have been something they announced immediately because they could not have ever expected this to not get noticed or come up.
This is truthfully not surprising in the slightest, and I wonder what else she is hiding/lying about.