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train intifada

train intifada, originally uploaded by hep.

this is a double exposure of me on a train. people are bugging me about the image stats since, this being film, there is no decent exif data. so I am going to append notes as best i can from my illegible scribbling in my shootbook. double exposed: 1st exposure being daylight 1/100th @ f8, 2nd exposure being an indoor (in a tunnel) longexposure of about 1.5" @ f8 to saturate the color in and then firing off the flash before the shutter closed for detail. anyone know a way of adding after the fact shot exif data to an image from a film scanner? without a lot of tedious field fillin work, most of the settings are identical. i do not want to edit shot by shot i have a ton of film images. plz advz <3

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yes i was making a joke. using humor in a non-truthful fashion, you may have heard of such a thing on the internet. this is because weev often says these things on livejournal when he is attempting to hack it. plz see: the new york times article re: hacking livejournal. calm down young mod kitten, you have no need to act like some sort of grand larceny on livejournal event has occured, and weev is going to personally be offended. I realize rules exist for a reason, but acting like a fascist about it will just create more drama in your community, and more of a headache for you. we all knew I were joking, weev had no problem with my joke. plz be advzed.

ps: the rules say: dont try to seriously find out who the person in the post is. I know 100% it is not the person I was making fun of. He knows 100% it was not him. why is making a joke now a bannable offense? you really went from 0 to no fun in a month flat with this comm kiddo.

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Okay, I apologise. There was kind of no way could have known that... you didn't really say enough for me to gain any sort of joking tone from the comment. Another member linked me to your comment saying you broke the rules and asking me to delete it, so I did.

I know what you're getting at and I would be more at fault here if it had been more obvious that your comment was a joke. But it's hard to gain a joking tone of voice out of like 5 words of text. "it was [name], right?" doesn't give me much indication that you were joking.
you are right, there wasnt much tone of jokeyness to it. i was hoping weev would respond already and we could have a big long funny flamewar about which one of us would be the more crazy roomate. unfortunately he is india or something and on some sort of different time zone or some other excuse so he is sleeping when I am trolling. in the future i will be more obviously joking. mea culpa.
yeah it does batch processing, but i want something more gui so i dont have to switch back to finder everytime to see which photos im editing (im assembling a ton of data into photographs taken on film and scanned from a film scanner from my very illegible notes) if i dont find anything better it will work, it just seems silly that like, none of the decent photoediting suites have something like this already.