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chihuly, originally uploaded by hep.

we went to the chihuly exhibit and i took some photos. things that i need: a new light meter (metering off my dslr is such a pain even tho its workable. however I am not big enough to manhandle two cameras and a tripod around) and a decent flathead tripod that doesn't have a wide spread. and folds compactly. I am thinking about going with a minitripod for stuff like this since I want to be low anyway, but I am concerned about shooting up into light which is already a problem with a 180degree fisheye.

man, i fucking hate that hack.

i worked in a glass art gallery for half a decade, & directly for glass artists in seattle for another two. i know way too much about chihuly.
i don't mind chihuly but he isn't my all-time fav. however I appreciate his sense of color even tho at times it is reminiscent of a circus clown. however this stuff is way easy to shoot since a lot of his work involves lightplay thru glass so I figured it would be a good test of my meter guessing abilities. I actually did pretty well tho I was about a stop off in many of them. Also tripod. I cannot hold a shot for 30secs anymore. Too much caffeine.
your camera skills are not in debate here. HIS color sense hasn't been HIS since 1970.

"oh hey, we have a bunch of bullshit left over from other sets. put it all together. voila, carnival persian set! sixty-five grand."

yeah, real sense of style on that one.
ahahahha true. I also don't like how often it relies on the whole "lets put everything on a mirrored surface and TADA! double the color is double the pleasure!" thing but that is just because I do a lot of shooting on a plexifloor and I know what a hack it is to add interest to a piece. And EVERY piece was on mirrored glass except for I think one.
he has no hand in anything anymore. it's all the other guys. it's Chihuly Co. they sell his name, & it's not Art; it's Manufacturing.

& it's pathetic.

however, credit where credit is due - the glass art movement in the US would not be where it is without him.

& some of them are still pretty glass. i have a piece from a very nice "chihuly" blown by martin blank.
are there artist schools anymore? like leonardo divinci had back in the days before photography in art that i am too lazy for land? I am sure he had apprentices but it seems like there are no more schools of art, just people competing against each other to get rich and famous. i don't really understand that.
well sure: for one. then there's the mass school of art, & about 39432795 others.

it more depends on who teaches, i think, than the location per se.
whoa that one is trippy!!

i see the de young everyday on my way to work and still have yet to go see that exhibit. i am going to kick myself if i miss it. i am not a huge chihuly fan but i watched that pbs documentary about his week long installation at the glass museum in tacoma and it made me want to go check it out for sure.