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hehe yeah. unfortunately this is what I look like when I am studying :(
just use natural light. well not now, but tmrw. natural light makes everything look 10x better.
yeah well i am normally ugly IRL, you've seen me. Takes about 30 fotos for me to get a good one. revel in your genetic luck!
i was watching a movie tonight and finally figured out which celebrity you remind me of. . .
i just realized that maybe i shouldn't have mentioned anything 'cuz i remember saying something like that to some of my other friends and they got all pissed off when i told them which celebrity it was 'cuz they'd invariably think she was ugly. . . keep in mind that i always think the celebrity in question is attractive and know enough to not tell some chick that she reminds me of, say, barbara bush or newman from seinfeld. . .

having said all that, you remind me of frances mcdormand (among other things, she was the pregnant police officer in "fargo"). . . i think it's mainly 'cuzza the mouth. . . specifically the lower half. . .

and your man still reminds me of a young james spader. . .