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palin never stops blinking. mccain is a classic overblinker. i think they are both taken over by aliens. alaska is prime alien target. mccain was "captured by the viet cong". this is totally the manchurian candidate. but with aliens. discuss.
iawtp. no discussion needed. gonna put a straw in my nyquil bottle now.
she also never stops smiling and staring into the goddamn camera.

bitch is a robot.
So it sounds like you're saying that Vietnamese people are aliens. How dare you?! Don't you know that Vietnamese food is specifically designed to keep humans healthy... to keep hum bodies healthy for decades... hmm. You might have something here - a VC pod-people scenario.

After all, most venture capitalists I've met certainly talk like pod people.
im just saying, he was gone for a long time in a place that is also a prime target for aliens (who would believe it was aliens, they would just think it was some cutting edge war weapon) that's a lot of brainwashing/implanting/cloning time.
Nothing to discuss. Depressing. But blinkers are still lesser evil. God bless America.
this would be funnier if i didn't know a few people IRL who SERIOUSLY THINK that McCain is the manchurian candidate.
why do we insist on trying to elect guys who were POWs again? why is that a good idea?