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There is no question that McCain suffered hideously in North Vietnam. His ejection over a lake in downtown Hanoi broke his knee and both his arms. During his capture, he was bayoneted in the ankle and the groin, and had his shoulder smashed by a rifle butt. His tormentors dragged McCain's broken body to a cell and seemed content to let him expire from his injuries. For the next two years, there were few days that he was not in agony.

But the subsequent tale of McCain's mistreatment — and the transformation it is alleged to have produced — are both deeply flawed. The Code of Conduct that governed POWs was incredibly rigid; few soldiers lived up to its dictate that they "give no information . . . which might be harmful to my comrades." Under the code, POWs are bound to give only their name, rank, date of birth and service number — and to make no "statements disloyal to my country."

Soon after McCain hit the ground in Hanoi, the code went out the window. "I'll give you military information if you will take me to the hospital," he later admitted pleading with his captors. McCain now insists the offer was a bluff, designed to fool the enemy into giving him medical treatment. In fact, his wounds were attended to only after the North Vietnamese discovered that his father was a Navy admiral. What has never been disclosed is the manner in which they found out: McCain told them. According to Dramesi, one of the few POWs who remained silent under years of torture, McCain tried to justify his behavior while they were still prisoners. "I had to tell them," he insisted to Dramesi, "or I would have died in bed."

Why are we even considering electing a POW again? Are people really this stupid? As far as I am concerned, a POW is someone who was stupid enough to get caught. It's an intelligence test and they failed it. I am unsure why being a POW qualifies one for office. Not to mention HELLO DID ANYONE ELSE *WATCH* THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE?!?!?!

I would like the candidate that was not captured. kthx
As far as I am concerned, a POW is someone who was stupid enough to get caught. It's an intelligence test and they failed it.

my entire family are special ops. if they got caught they would be ridiculed to the day they died. you do NOT get caught, and if you get caught you give only name rank and serial number. that is the code.
So you're saying that, with one fractured leg two fractured arms, he should've been able to escape after parachuting into the middle of Hanoi in broad daylight and make it back to friendly lines? I'm not a mccain supporter by any means, but c'mon.

and if you get caught you give only name rank and serial number. that is the code.

That's very... uhm... idealistic.
im saying he should have been a better pilot to begin with and not gotten shot down (for like the 3rd time). and I know plenty of people who made it back much further than that with worse injuries, as mere children. There was one girl who I knew in Dubrovnik that made it from Sarajevo to Split which is something like 2 countries and 2200km as a 9yr old girl. By herself.

I realize that it's a bit idealistic to expect people to adhere to the code, but honestly, they are trained for it. Especially officers of any kind since they are more likely to be captured and held as a POW. As an officer, and furthermore as the son of the guy commanding the armed forces in Vietnam (leverage), he SHOULD be held to a higher standard, and he KNEW that he was expected to be. Furthermore it's not like he was a mere kid of 20 fresh out of boot camp. He was roughly 35 and a well grown man. I walked 6 miles on a shattered ankle through the worst heat of summer when I was a 9yr old kid, he should be able to suck up a couple fractures and get over it as a grown man. And I am not saying he needs to claw his way back to civilization, but giving up WHO HE WAS THE SON OF for preferential treatment makes me sick. And I am really tired of hearing about how he stood in solidarity with his brothers when really, it was just the standard boilerplate "get out of jail free if you renounce your country and everything it stands for" deal that everyone else was offered and refused as well.
A) He was shot down once. He lost five planes total. Crap pilot? Sure.

B) It wasn't a question of endurance, it was a question of being an injured round-eye in a flight suit bobbing around in a lake in downtown Hanoi. "Oh, don't mind me, I'm just here on a tourist visa." No amount of smart is going to help you in that situation.

I could care about whether he talked or not. Code schmode. My issue here is that you're saying anyone who got captured was an idiot. Tell me you don't really think that.
Dang them WILD AND CRAZY MAVERICKS!! McCain and Palin are about as unpredictable as a toy train on a track. bah

And I agree that McCain being a POW doesn't shouldn't give him any special claim to the Presidency. Hell, this was VIETNAM he was fighting in, not a 'war'. What do we even know of his character as a soldier there? Remember folks, this is the place where OUR soldiers were big jerks, randomly killing innocent people for fun. How do we know he never bayoneted little kids or kicked puppies? Probably ate live goldfish too.