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<3 rachel maddow

I love her so much. she is so adorable. i love her little side smirk smile, and her voice always sounds like she is about to giggle. <333333333333333333
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There's a clip of her bursting out into laughter on Countdown (last Friday maybe?) that is too cute for words. I have it on my HUMAX, so I'll burn it to DVD and post it if I absolutely have to..
i actually wondered about that too. . . at first i wondered if she was talking about babies and children so i googled to find out the percentage population of kids and it looks like it's about 25% of the total population (74M ages 0-17 out of a total 300M). . . seeing as how that includes kids up to 17 who might be working, that's not even close to 40%. . .

so then i googled around and found this blurb over at wikipedia:

"According to a 2007 report by the Statistics of Income division of the Internal Revenue Service,[5] in 2006 the Internal Revenue Service received 134,372,678 individual income tax returns, of which 90,593,081 (67.42%) showed that they paid or owed federal income tax for 2005. That is, 32.58% of those Americans who filed income tax returns did not owe any federal income tax at all for 2005."

it came from here:

of course unless you round up, that's still well short of 40%. . . and if you look at it another way, that's 32% of the people who've filed, not 32% of the entire US population. . . that 32% of filers is about 44M people, which is only about 14% of the US population (about 300M). . .

14% is *way* below 40% but keep in mind that it only includes people who've filed. . . 'cuz if you assume those IRS figures are correct, and that the US population is 300 million, take 300M (US population) minus 134M (number of filed tax returns) minus 74M (number of kids ages 0-17), you get 92M people above the age of 18 in the US who are straight up not filing tax returns. . . which is about 30% of the US population. . .

so 30% +14% is 44% of the US population ages 18 and over not paying income taxes. . . if you knock off a few percentage points 'cuz i'm sure there are a decent number of kids under 18 who work and pay taxes, that's down to about 41%, which is in the 40% territory. . .

note that these are quick and dirty calculations and that i may have fucked up somewhere up there. . . if you see mistakes, whether in the math or in any of the assumptions, please point 'em out. . .
she is great, but "refundable" tax credits are a welfare mechanism, and i don't understand what's funny/unclear about that. but i think it doesn't make obama a socialist so much as a political genius.
just how old do you think i am? EVERYONE my age liked new kids on the block. my best friend and my sister just went to see them on their gay reunion tour.
you still like them now? No, you like this chick. Which is why she is new kids on the block for girls YOUR age.
i still like the new kids on the block. but i decided my one boy band concert this year would be the jonas brothers.