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tim gunn is so cute

fellow californians, basically if you vote yes on 8 we can no longer be friends. let this be a psa.
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If you find anyone who is, in fact, voting yes, let us all know so we can rise as one and slay them.
i am normally so tolerant of people voting the way they believe. but this really does smack to me of the civil rights movements of past. having two different standards is morality police at work today, you know? and it infuriates me when people use faith to rouse up their anti-whatever policies. haven't the days of my god hates your god passed yet?
I completely agree. We're not talking about something insignificant like a new curb your dog ordinance or some bullshit.
right. its 100% about equality. we aren't going back to separate water fountains for colored people and we aren't going to have a separate standard of love for gays.
Seriously, I agree. I am going to a HUGE GAY WEDDING next weekend and if people are against that, they really need to get the hell off our friends list. Tim is awesome.
Couldn't agree more. I don't think I could ever have respect for someone who supports taking rights away from people based on who someone finds attractive.
Fair enough. I'm talking about it as it relates to marriage rights. Maybe I shouldn't have left that as open as I did.
makes sense. . . i was wondering if you were an "all rights for everyone no matter what" kind of person. . . never met one but i heard they exist. . .
moot question since minors have no right to consent. between two consensual parties tho, i don't really see a need for state involvement.