Blacks are polling like 60% for Prop 8. It's sad.

On the other hand, I've been phone-banking like crazy and some of the nicest people I've reached have been elderly black women who look at this as a plain and simple civil rights issue and are adamantly voting no.
the thing that infuriates me most is all that shit they were peddling about for the children. INFURIATED DELY.
Every terrible idea is wrapped in gooey "for the children" fear-mongering. I'd like to, for once, see someone take a stand AGAINST the children, just to hear the shrieking response.
i have ALWAYS taken a stand against the children. i believe in nature not nurture. survival of the fittest, and as children is where they learn the skills to handle shit as adults. if you PROTECT children from the bad shit in life, you are actually abusing them as you take away from them the skills to deal with hardship as adults. this is the primary reason that i tend to hate white kids. white parents are the WORST for latent "protection" abuse.


My parents warned me about the stuff that I needed to be warned about but as to hovering over me, forget it.
right. you warn them, then when they get in trouble you say "guess you should have listened better huh?". That is how ANYTHING learns. by seeing terrible behavior rewarded terribly. Not by having every fucking jam you DO manage to get into bailed out by mommy and daddy.

i think what these parents fail to grasp is that it's how your kids behave when you AREN'T there to watch out for them that is important. Because that is how they will behave into their adult lives. You need to give them those opportunities to act on their own, fuck up, correct the behavior, and persevere or they will never ever gain the skill to do that.