It just enrages me to the point that my head wants to explode! Why the fuck should the church have ANY say on a state institution when they don't pay taxes? Marriage is not exclusively Christian, plenty of pagans get married and their weddings are no less of an abomination than a gay marriage. I'm tired of watching them cock block all alternative lifestyles. When I was in school I ran the Gay Straight Alliance and I spoke out against the rampant homophobia in my school. As a result my friends were ganged up on, I was spit on, called a fag lover etc etc. It only served to harden my resolve. They can fight it all they like but the truth is that this country can only progress. They fought for segregation with the same amount of hatred and vigor but in the end they lost. I believe that within my lifetime every state will allow gays to marry. So FUCK THA HATERZ!
Oh yeah, and did I mention the bay area is the wrong place to live if you hate gays? Move to fucking Kansas.