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cat skull

cat skull, originally uploaded by hep.

our mountain is home to an endless war of feral cats. one such casualty was discovered in the shrubbery recently.

Is this cat-versus-cat war or cat-versus-coyote or cat-versus-crazy-kids or cat-versus-cat-pox?
its mostly cat on cat or cat on raccoon. there are coyotes down on the flats but not so much here up on the mtn.
we have a few in our front yard, but we've had them fixed and now they hang out.
this mtn is too big to catch them all. i know two of them are fixed, and the aspca did a catch and release on a couple of others, but its like a square mile of unpopulated land up here, so there really isnt much they can do. It's also all crazy bush tunnels and mountain trails, so they have a terrible time getting in there after them, and the cats are SO WILY about traps that they rarely fall for them (plus there is a ton of food around for them to get at so they don't really need to go after the food inside traps.)
I've seen a lot of cat skulls, and dissected a few dead ones in my time, and that is totes not a cat homes. looks more like a small dog.