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Prop 8 Protest tonite

We of course will be at the Prop 8 protest tonite (5:30pm @civic center 7th/market marching to Dolores Park if you live under a rock and somehow missed the news). I know a ton of you are also heading out, who wants to march in a bloc? dis @ gruntle dot org or comment here. plz advz.
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i have to keep things low key, but yay!! glad you will be there. xoxo.
not THAT kind of bloc, i will have children with me :) I just mean like LJD bloc or something lol.
oh! sure :)

i am wearing an obnoxiously bright and gay dress :)

i wish you could do the lettering of my sign!!

i will text you later.
You are so adorable. Definitely march in the LJ Dramacratic Bloc.
You gonna hit a mormon temple or what?

Rape them of their fucking magical underpants.
drinks @ Mr Smith's Stevenson & 7th 5p then going 5:30p to civic center
i will have tiny heps with me so drinking is not an option first, however I would like to see youuuuuuuuuu so i will sms you
Sorry but as most of the country knows, San Francisco doesn't matter.
What do we want? When do we want it?
That was a great protest eh?