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When he was on Days of our Lives...

I still didnt wanna fuck him.

Also I caught like five minutes of his show last week and it disturbed the hell out of me with this giant teddy bear that had come to life and they were talking about ways to kill it even though the poor bear was like, morbidly depressed over the evening news.'
Have you seen the outtake where he pretends to be Dramatic Chipmunk?

I haven't found video of it yet, but there are icons of it all over ONTD.

Those guys crack me up, and the show is really good too.
I mean, until robo-sex comes along...
I have no idea who this is, but leg guitar is possibly the greatest invention of 21st century.
Re: this song made me think of you
are you listening to serbian hardcore bands now? man i agree with killing albanian dogs.