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what will you be doing during the Great Livejournal Downtime of 2008?
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should i write about the kelis sex tape? i only follow hiphop gossip. also nas and kelis are expecting their first child together supposedly
Working on our new house. Though I'll be doing that over the next few weeks, regardless of LJ's status.
Furiously masturbating I have a test tomorrow anyway, so it's probably best that I'll have the time to study. for all the details but the gist is they are moving datacenters tomorrow starting at 8am pst. they think it will last about 4hr.
Suicide is the clear answer here.

nah ill maybe like... play with my kid.. or something.
typing so hard that i might break my macbook air

idk the same thing,
nothing: HAH
Kind of what I do all the time I'm not posting to nor reading LiveJournal. Eating. Sleeping. Reading other websites. Raising my kids. Having the occasional romantic encounter with this guy who shares my bed. Talking to friends. Writing.

Wow. The days when I frantically refreshed pages with addresses seem so ... meaningful, now.
lollin @ 365

oclet's chance to destroy blogging as we know it has come and past, slipping through his fingers like so much weed shake on his roommate's carpet
I'm so MIA I will most likely not even notice :) My sistah is coming over today/tonite, and tomorrow..