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i lol most at "you wouldn't go to the presidio at night" Um, because there is nothing there? Everything is closed at night? I wouldn't go to the embarcadero on a sunday but that doesn't mean it's dangerous, it just means absolutely nothing is open.
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"Almost every city has a Tenderloin district. I mean, the North Beach district in San Francisco is that..."

Uh. Wouldn't the Tenderloin district be THE TENDERLOIN?
I just sent that clip straight to my parents. Thank you.
Ohhh yeah, remember this?

"And if al-Qaida comes in here and blows you up, we're not going to do anything about it. We're going to say, look, every other place in America is off limits to you, except San Francisco..."

His characterization of San Francisco is comical and misguided, but what is really odd to me is that he trotted this out as a bogey-man to scare his viewers that this is what Obama has in mind for America.

Here is what I don't understand about that.

San Francisco is a MODEL American city.

1) San Fransisco is a hot bed of competition and capitalism. Between restaurant competition and tech industries, I think it stands as a model of Laissez-faire.
2) The area is known for being a hot bed of innovation. Where do you think of when you hear innovation? Sorry, it isn't New York, Chicago, or DC. It sure as heck isn't Rapid City or Topeka.
3) San Francisco is a very old (read, steeped in history) city. It is more "American" than Oklahoma City
4) San Francisco is a diverse city (or are we only a melting pot when Europeans need to justify their existence to Native people)? if innovation, diversity, wealth, competition, and capitalism are what Obama plans to "turn" America into... what is it we are afraid of again?
I love how the play off of the midwest hippie hysteria. OMGZ THE HIPPIES JUST SMOKE POT AS IF IT IS A VICTIMLESS CRIME!
actually most of what they said about sf (minus the geographic mistakes you'd expect from an out-of-towner) was pretty much spot on.
This makes San Francisco look so much more exciting than it is, good job Oreilly!
Other than their geography being way off, it's more or less accurate (weirdly enough, since it's Fox.) Replace "presidio" with "tenderloin" (and strike that bit about 'every neighborhood having a dark underbelly) and I totally agree.
oh its totally all true. sf really is like that. but its like that in the 2 blocks they shot you know? notice how there is not one shot of the mission, russian hill, telegraph hill itself, chinatown, sunset, chinatownlite, little russia, basically it was all shot in the end block of haight by the park, and the broadway/columbus triangle. Not even a shot of our infamously dangerous presidio :( you know they have actually cannons there? and it USED to be so dangerous that men would walk openly on the streets carrying guns. *shudder*