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fog, originally uploaded by hep.

MY FOG IS THE GAYEST IT COMES FROM SAN FRANCISCO. gays quit sending me yr fog.

I may have worse fog than you. I just don't have the camera to prove it. Guess that means it doesn't count. I'm in Orange County, the hot bed of conservatives in California. Your fog is probably more gay than mine.
I just laughed at what toso said because here I was in L.A. never having seen a YES ON PROP 8 sign and then I went shopping in Orange County, where they ONLY HAVE YES ON 8..scared the hell out of me. We should blow gay fog machines on Orange County every day. A gay friend of mine who was planning a wedding the week of the election paid his nephew 50.00 a sign when he stole them for him. I think the kid probably made a million dollars that week.

I love me some gay fog. How are your chickens? OMG one of my hens thinks she's a rooster. My hen is transgendered. I love me some transgendered hens too.
Yeah, we have it a bit scary down here. The only silver lining on the prop 8 signs was that they never stay up for more than a day. There were a lot of people stealing them. It got to the point where people were zip tying the signs to things so they wouldn't be as easy to take down. Someone just came by and spray painted over them. There is hope for us, it just hasn't been enough.
I am going to credit Jimmy with most of them being stolen. He and his friends were on a mission, as I am sure a lot of us were :) I think his mother actually said she started spray painting them.

But you know, even where I am, on the day before the election all those little YES ON 8 were all over too.
my hens are awesome! the two baby chicks are now outside with the hens but in their own pen. the hens free range around the yard and I have the rooster tethered on a long line that he likes to wind up around a tree. he is currently crowing standing by the tree.
haha, yer a redneck too!

also, I'm pretty sure your fog comes from Daly City, in which case you should be saying, "FOBs, quit sending me yer fog!"
It's foggy up here too! More so in Elk Grove than Sacramento though.
omg your dog is on a computer. im thinking about getting a dog. plz advz re: how crazy will this be with three children (three school age children take up about as much time as one newborn baby)
you don't know foggay until you get to daly city, where the fog is so thick that the sun doesn't even bother showing up half the year.