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I think we are going to call her Zorya. People say you can't change a dog's name but what do they know. She is a really good dog. She knows lots of tricks and likes to listen. She is pretty smart, she already learned to leave the chickens alone and she does extremely well with cats (she was raised with one) She and the kids get along great as well. We all took her for long walks today and she likes going with me to walk the kids to and from school. a+++ dog would adopt again.

they always get walked TO school. sometimes i let them walk home alone. Most of the time i meet them part way tho. The little kids school is only 1 block away. I can hear playground noise from my room. The big school is like 8blocks away or about half a mile. The kids go through our town tho and pick up or drop off all the kids along the way (we are the furthest from the middle school. By the time they get to school they are in a pack of over 30kids)

and by walk home alone, I mean walk home with Evan who is almost 14.

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