pacman inkee


zorya, originally uploaded by hep.

she is so pretty. her eyes are the color of caramel.

i want like 73492894 more pictures of this dog. do you know her lineage?
oh i will provide im sure. i actually do know her lineage. her previous owners gave me all her medical records and they got her from people they knew in santa cruz. She is a malamute and weighs a good 80lbs. it doesn't show but she is a little underweight, she has been underexercized and not eating much, but with the amount we are walking her daily now she has been eating pretty good since she got here.
malamute, that's it. i knew i knew her breed, but it's been a long time since i worked in a pet store. seriously gorgeous though.
i should learn to read other comments before i comment myself, this is like the 3rd time this week i've done that
hehe yeah i believe i answered all of those. she is SUCH a good dog tho.
they did, she just quit eating. malamutes can be finicky and she wasn't happy in her new pen. They released her to a rescue and she was sad to be moving around so much. Now she is happy to be in one place.
You can keep posting one picture of her everyday, and it will make me happy.
she looks very wolflike. what kind of dog is she? and was she abandoned somewhere before you adopted her? she has that kinda scrawny look i associate with semi-wild dogs/cats out in farm country.
i've always wondered how the hell dogs don't always bite the shit out of their tongues. . .